Every Yoga should be in right way


Until and unless we test the validity of our knowledge, our set of beliefs, our ways of living….our whole life will remain a story of a fool worth of telling someone as a lesson, but never as an inspiration, never worth of experiencing.

Do we really want it to be this way ? or do we feel responsibile to test and correct ourselves and also others in order to have a profound experience of life together? When we are of the firm opinion that our knowledge, our ways of living must protect us instead of killing us; must make us a responsible and happy being instead of making us just miserable stories, we are indeed ready to uplift ourselves and hence others, to an experience never experienced before. And that’s the only right approach.

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Vibhu School of Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designated this Teacher training programe as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete a verified training with this School may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as register’s Yoga Teachers (RYTs).